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Security camera system

CCTV systems customised design for Your Location. CCTV only really works when it manages to capture important details at times not expected,with so much variety of systems on the market nothing but Custom will provide true Value.

we will maintain cost effectiveness and use features that our competitors choose not to discuss to minimise time spent on site.

installation of a system is half the job. 

to optimise it, is a complete job.

Pan Tilt Zoom

with a changing environment a motorised PTZ camera can provide a small system with capabilities  of much larger systems. smart technology allows these cameras to track an object wile in a 

designated area and "petrole" your site

Licence Plate Recognition

the best information you can provide law enforcement is a licence plate number

not any camera can capture the image from just any angle and without external light, wile being blinded by the head lights of a vehicle.

let us provide a working solution with the correct equipment and your system will provide you with piece of mind

Accsess Control System

enterprise access control level

will secure business and residents from unwanted entry wile maintaining records of authorised persons entering and leaving the establishment

there are safety factors to consider in the design and a system should reflect building codes and regulations

we will be able to work with our customers to provide a safe access and exit from their premises 

smart locks

get notified when door car garage are left open or unlocked.

unlock or lock your door from your smart phone 

Nanny Cameras

covert or invisible cameras monitoring without alarming anyone of there presence

leave no room for speculations 

Know the Truth!